Central Office
CO-000 Forms Index 12-19
CO-005 – Central Office Staff List 12-19
CO-010 – Property by Name 12-19
CO-015 – Property by Location 12-17-19
Application Process
001-Spanish Pre-Application
001-Somali Pre-Application 9-12-18
F002-A Category Assignment of Pre-Application
H002A Fact Sheet for HUD Assisted Residents (Sec 8.)
H002B Fact Sheet for HUD Assisted Residents (Sec 202)
004A Authorization to Release Information
H004 Release of Information (HUD-9887)
H004-B Individual Consent 10-2010
H-004-C-EIV Permission to View EIV Information
H004-C Supplement to Application for Federally Assisted Housing
F004T Veri-Screen Guidelines RD
F004T-1 Veri-Screen Application.pdf
H004T Guidelines for Veri-Screen.pdf
H004T-1 Veri-Screen Application – HUD
005-Waiting List Follow-Up Information
F006 – CHECKLIST 4-1-20
H006 – Checklist 4-1-20
F007 – RD Lease Spanish 3-31-16
F007 – RD Lease – Kentucky
F007-1 KY RD KY Lease Attorney Letters 12-19
F007A RD Lease – Indiana
F007B – TN Lease RD TAAH Lease Agreement 4-2020
F007B-1 – TN House Rules RD TAAH Rules Regulations 4-13-20
F007-B-2 – TAAH Lease Approval Letters (RD & Attorney) 10-25-18
F007-C Florida Lease English PDF Fillable
F007-Cs Florida Lease Spanish PDF Fillable
F007-D – RD Lease – Illinois
F007-E RD Lease Virginia 2020-2021
F007-E-1 RD Lease – Virginia House Rules 2020-21
H008 HUD Lease
H008 HUD Lease Somali 9-17-18
H008 HUD LEASE -Spanish 3-31-16
H008-A-2 Lease – Hometown
H008-A-3 Prac 202 Lease – Marian, Marion, St.Matt, KCEOC, Mixon
Lease Agreement Additions
H008-B Addendum to Lease – Ineligible Tenant
H008-C Addendum to Lease – Accessible Unit
H008-D Addendum to Lease – Household Animal
H008-E Addendum to Lease – Live-In Aide
008 VAWA Notice H-2017-05 (June 30, 2017)
008-A-VAWA Notice of Occupancy Rights Under the Violence Against Women Act (10/18)
008-B-VAWA Certification of Domestic Violence, Dating Violence, Sexual Assault or Stalking and Alternative Documentation (10/18)
008-F-VAWA Violence Against Women and Justice Department Re-authorization Act of 2005 (10/18)
009 House Rules
009-S House Rules- Spanish
009-IN House Occupancy Rules *Indiana Only
011 Race and Ethnic Data Form 4-2018
H011 INS Applicant – Exhibit 3-3: Owner’s Notice No. 1
H011A INS Applicant – Exhibit 3-5: Declaration Format
F0037-TN – Lease Addendum TAAH_Annual_Lease_Addendum 4-13-20
F037 – VA Late Fee Addendum
F037-A Addendum to Lease – Ineligible Tenant
F037-B Addendum to Lease – Accessible Unit
F037-C Addendum to Lease – Rental Assistance
F037-D Addendum to Lease – Lease Extension
F037-DF Florida Lease Renewal/Rent Change English Fillable
F037-DFs Florida Lease Renewal/Rent Change Spanish Fillable
F037-E Addendum to Lease – Live-In Add
F037-F Addendum to Lease – Smoke Alarm (non-Kentucky)
F037-H Addendum to Lease – Rural Rental Housing
F037-I Addendum to Lease – Plan II Interest Credit
038 Addendum to Lease – Drug Free Housing (non-Kentucky)
H039 Addendum to Lease – Physical Abuse
040 – Addendum to Lease -Household Animal Guidelines
040-A – Addendum to Lease – Assistive/Therapy Animals Guidelines
Voucher Income Calculation
012 – Authorization to Release Information – Voucher
H012 HA Household Analysis.pdf
Income and Asset Verifications
HUD Income Guidelines 2020
Florida Income Guidelines 2019
Illinois Income Guidelines 2019
Indiana Income Guidelines 2019
Kentucky Income Guidelines 2019
Tennessee Income Guidelines 2019
Virginia Income Guidelines 2019
Memo HUD Income Guidelines 2019
Appendix 3 Acceptable Forms of Income Verification
Hud Exhibit 5-1 / Income Inclusions and Exclusions 2-11-19
RD Attachment 6-A /Annual Income Inclusions and Exclusions 2-11-19
013 Zero Income Verification Checklist
013-A Informal Support Verification
014-Employment Verification
014A -Unemployment Benefits Verification
014B -Employment Termination Verification
014C -Certification of Non-Income
014D -Affidavit of Estrangement
014-E -Employment Verification for the Work Number
015 Social Security Benefits Verification 10-31-18
016 -Public Assistance Verification
017 -Pension/Retirement/Annuity Verification
017A -Verification of Military Pay
017B -Verification of Veterans Administration Benefits
017C -Black Lung Benefit Verification
018 -Self-Employment Verification Affidavit
018A -New Business Self-Employment Verification Affidavit
019 -Certification of Child Support
019A -Child Support Verification
019B -Child Support Payer’s Affidavit
021 -Certification of Assets
022-ebt -EBT Banking Verification
022 -Banking Verification
023 Child/Dependent/Handicap Care Verification
024 Disability Verification
024-A Verification for Assistance Expense
025 Medical Expenses Verification
025-NP Non Prescription Medical Expense Verification
026-B Student Status Affidavit 2-12-19
026-D Verif. of Student Status 2-12-19
H026-C Parent-Guard of Independent Student Cert 2
027 Residency History 1-21-19
H027-A Certificate of Domestic Violence
EIV Information
H003 – EIV and You Brochure
H003-a – EIV Use Policy 3-6
H003-b – Annual EIV Information Binder 3-6
H003-c – EIV Master Binder 3-6
H099-EIV Where to File EIV Reports 3-6
Recertification Information
F029 Recertification Letter Status Report 10-31-18
H029 Recertification List for Property 10-31-18
030 – Recertification Personal Interview
030A Recertification Completion Notification
030-B Recertification Non-Completion Notification
031 Income Allowance Worksheet
H032B – Initial Recertification Notice 4-9-20
F032-RD-Tenant-Certification 4-19
H033-Existing-Tenant-Search 3-5-20
H033-A Notice of Potential Rental History Conflict – Applicant
H033-B Notice of Potential Rental History Conflict – Resident
H033-C Notice of Requirements to Sign Forms
H033-D SelfCert-EIVDiscrep2.-Employment
H033D-1 Notice of Potential Failure to Report Income Change 3-19
H033-E Self-Certification – No Social Security Number
H033-F Resident Notice – No Social Security Number
H033G Agree to Repay HAP 9-18
035 Tenant File Maintenance
037A Resident Rights and Responsibilities Brochure
Move In Paperwork
H032 -Tenant Certification – HUD Move-In 3-20-19
RD-037 Receipt of MI Handouts 4-1-20
HUD-037 Receipt of MI Handouts 4-1-20
037A – Resident Rights and Responsibilities 4-30
039 Rules Regarding Installation of Satellite Dishes
042 – Utility Verification 3-6
043 – Dwelling Inspection 2-19
044 Deposit Agreement
044-A-List – SD Acct Info and Locations 12-19
044-A SEC DEP ACKNOW 12-19
H045 Unit Vacancy Report 10-5-18
H045-A Vacant Ready Units Over 30 Days – Fillable
046 Energy Conservation Letter
046-A – Moisture Reduc. Tip Sheet
046E – What is an Emergency 4-1-20
Reasonable Accommodation Series
047 – Reasonable Accommodation – How to Process a Request
047-A-1 Guide for Requesting Reasonable Accommodation
047-A-2 Procedures & Guidelines – Responding to Requests
047-B Request for Reasonable Accommodation
047-B-1 Request for Additional Accommodation
047-C Reasonable Accommodation Verification
047-C1 Live-In Aide Request Verification
047-C2 Request for a Meeting
047-C3 Assistive/Service/Support/Therapy Animal Verification
047-C4 Alternative Accommodation for Reasonable Request
Approval of Request for Reasonable Accommodation
047-D Approval for Reasonable Accommodation
047-E Denial of Request for Reasonable Accommodation
047-F Reasonable Accommodation Request Log
048 Addendum to Transition Plan – Accessible unit
Move-Out Process
035-A Move-Out Checklist
074-L Preperation of Vacant Units
050-30-Day Move-Out Notice
051 Move-Out letter and Cost Sheet
052 Disposition of Security Deposit Worksheet 6-19 v3
056 Apartment Turn-Over Check List
056-a -Housing Quality Standards Information 12-4
Resident Balances
Positive Confirmation
Write Off
036 Invoice for Billing Residents
055 Delinquent Balance Letter
Check Sheets & Property Specific Information
057 Smoke Alarm Test Sheet.pdf
057-A Fire Extinguisher Check Sheet.pdf
057-B – Property Information – Boilers
057-CMD Carbon Monoxide Detector Test Sheet 3-19
057-E – Property Information – Elevator
057-G – Property Information – Gas Utilities
057-L – Property Information – Lift Station
057-P – Property Information – Pull Cords
Insurance – Property & Liability
FL 1st Report of Injury
IN 1st Report of Injury
TN 1st Report of Injury
IL 1st Report of Injury
KY 1st Report of Injury
VA 1st Report of Injury
059 Incident Report – Non-Employee
060 Incident Report – Property Damage
060-A Notice to Vacate – Due to Non-Payment of Property Damage
Intent to Enter
062 48 Hr Intent to Enter Large print
062 Intent to Enter – 48 Hour Notification
062-S Intent to Enter – 48 Hour Notification – Spanish
Accounts Payable Forms
Account Codes 3-17-20
Payment Request Processing 3-17-20
063 Blank Petty Cash Form
063A Blank Site Expense Report v2
L073- Purchase Order
L073-C Independent Contractor Agreement
LXXX – Payment Request
Complaints, Lease Violation, attorney
065 Complaint Form
066 Notice of Lease Violation
066-Ineligible Notice to Vacate 6-18
066-SPANISH Nota de la Infracción Arrendamiento
066-A Attorney Coversheet – Barnett
066-B Attorney Coversheet – Non-Barnett
067 Witness List
F067-A Notice of Non-Payment of Rent (RD-KY)
F067-A1 Notice of Lease Termination
F067-A2 Notice of Non-Payment of Rent/Voucher Program
F067-A3 Three Day Notice FL ONLY 3-18
F067-C Notice of Lease Termination RD – TN
F067-D Notice of Lease Termination RD – FL
F067-E Notice of Lease Termination RD – IL
F067-F Notice of Lease Termination RD – IN
F067-G Notice of Non-Compliance RD – VA
F067-G-T Notice of Lease Termination – Virginia 10-31-18
F067-G-VA-21 VA Twenty-One Day Notice 1-21-19
H067-A Non-Payment Notice HUD/URLTA
H067-B Non-Payment Notice HUD/Non-URLTA
068 Unauthorized Occupant Letter
068-A – Declaration of Residence 12-19
069 Letter of Abandonment
070 Removal of Occupant
Community Contact Letters
F071 Elderly/Family 1&2 Bdrm – Basic Rent
F071-A Elderly/Disabled 1Bdrm – Basic Rent
F071-B Family 1,2,3 Bedroom – Basic Rent
F071-B Family 1,2,3 Bedroom Florida Only
F071-D Elderly/Disabled 1,2 Bdrm – 100% Rental Assistance
F071-E Wholly Physically Disabled 1 BR
F071-F Family 1,2 Bedroom – Basic Rent
F071-F Family 1-2 Bedroom – FLORIDA ONLY.pdf
F071-G Family 2 Bedroom – Basic Rent
F071-H Elderly Eff,1,2 Bedroom – 100% Rental Assistance
H072-A 1,2,3,4 Bedroom
Waiting List
073 Waiting List KY VA FL
073 Waiting List *IL Only
079 Update Waiting List
H080 Remove from Waiting List – HUD
F080-A Remove from Waiting List – RD
074 Timesheet
074-TN-IL Time Sheet – Tennessee & Illinois
075 M Employee Warning 5-19
086 Receipt of Petty Cash
086-RC Rent Concession Agreement
086-RC-C Rent Concession Agreement – Courtesy Officer
086-RC-D Duties List – Courtesy Officer
Hiring Packet Information
HIRING MEMO Rev 4-2020
004E Authorization to Release Information for Employment
074A Employment Application
074-B I-9 Form Verification.pdf
074-C W4 Form 2019v
074-D Direct Deposit Instructions
074-E Drug Free Policy
074-E-1 Acknowledgment of Receipt of Drug Free Policy
074-G Rental Manager Job Description
074-H Maintenance Personnel Job Description
074-I Fair Housing Policy
074-J Sexual Harassment Policy
074-K Safety Rules for On-Site Personnel
074-L Preperation of Vacant Units
074-L-A Unit Preparation Guidelines Acknowledgment
074-M RPM Job Description

Employment Screening;
Employment-Screening – RPM Notice
Occupancy & Move-Out Tracking
075 Rental Activity Report – Note this is ONLY the paper copy to use in case of emergency
075-A Move-Out/Move-In (Turnover) Status Report – Note this is ONLY the paper copy to use in case of emergency
Property Maintenance
082 – Drain Brochure 3-23-20
082L – Lift Station 5-12-20
083 – Summerization Report 5-12-20
084 – Winterization Report 5-12-20
085 Inventory Control Log
100 – Community Maint Check 3-19
110B Bed Bug
Form Series
081 – Supply Requisition 5-12-20
Safeguard Form Series
Order from Central Office: 077,078,087,088,089
Order from Central Office with PO#
Rent Receipts, Rent Binder, and Maintenance Binder
Deposit Slip Reorder Form 4-19
Laminated Job Aides
099 RD HUD Paperwork Sub. Guidelines 3-6
H099-EIV Where to File EIV Reports 3-6
Resident Selection and Transfer Policies
H103 – HUD Resident Selection 2-12-19
H103 PRAC – HUD Resident Selection 2-11-19
F105 RD Transfer Policy 10-17
H105 HUD Transfer Policy 10-17
105-RC Ridgecliff Transfer Policy
105-TC Tax Credit Transfer Policy
Resident Grievance
F106-Resident Grievance Procedures
F106-A-Tenant Grievance Procedures
F106S-A-Tenant Grievance Procedures Spanish
H106-HUD-Resident Grievance Procedures
H106-KHC Resident Grievance Procedures
Bulletin Board
102 – Required Bulletin Board Information 6-19
040-BB – Pet Policy 10-31-18
040A-BB – Animal Policy Assistive and Therapy 11-6-18
114 – Lock Out Procedures 10-31-18
120 – LEP Procedure 10-18
074-I-B Fair Housing Policy – Bulletin Board 10-18
F090- USDA Non-Discrimination Statement 10-18
Pest Management
110 Integrated Pest Management Policy
110A Integrated Pest Information Sheet
110B Bed Bug
110C Cochroach Prep Guide
Automatic Rent – Elderly and Disabled Properties Only
115 Autotmatic Rent Change for Existing Residents 3-18
115-C Autotmatic Rent New Residents 3-18