KD Watkins, President, Team member since 1995

Responsibilities for Franklin

My duties include; overseeing the day to day operations of Franklin Asset
Management, review financial statements, occupancy information, water usage,
accounts receivable, accounts payable, etc.  I also review capital improvement
plans and reserve requests.  I work with RPMs and managers on projects of
regulatory or construction compliance.  While working with our Board of
Directors, I conceive and coordinate long and short term goals for the
management company and for the sites.  I also maintain our affiliation with trade
and professional organizations to help us maintain a positive presence in our
industry as well as gather information to keep our company and sites up to date
on industry changes and trends. It is important to me that I am always available
to the RPMs and to site staff if needed.  I believe that communication and
training are an important component for the sites to be
successful.  An important goal is for our owners to be happy and successful, for
our employees to be happy and successful, for our residents to be happy and
satisfied with their community.   I believe we can achieve this goal through
focused work and communication of needs.

Personal Interests

I have been working at FAM since I was a teenager. My first summer job here
was with Kelly Hall Construction Company as a site laborer during construction
of one of the properties we manage in LaGrange, Kentucky. I worked in our
utilities department one summer with Barbara Thomas as my supervisor. I have
worked in the field conducting need assessment surveys, worked at our
architect’s office and finally at our lumber suppliers office. Franklin has been a
part of my life for a long time. My interests and hobbies outside of work include
spending time with my family. I am married to Chris Ball and we have three
children, all of which are growing up way too quickly. But I am loving every
minute of the time we spend together. They keep me busy with their school and
sporting activities. I enjoying volunteering at their school or with their sports