Shelly Vowels,  Regional Property Manager, Team member since 1988

Responsibilities for Franklin

I am responsible for the management of 11 communities located in Indiana and Kentucky. My normal duties include: Hiring and overseeing training of all site staff. Working with the Managers to maintain the goal of keeping expenses and vacancies in line with the budget. Working with maintenance and contractor to ensure that the physical condition of the property is well maintained. Maintaining a good relationships between FAM / Rural Development / HUD / KHC and other property owners. Responding to review, compliance and inspection letters. Keeping individual property owners updated on the financial and physical condition of the property. Visiting and inspecting each of my properties to ensure that the property is managed and maintained within Franklin Asset Management standards. Working with residents to resolve issues that the manager may not be able to resolve.

Extra duties include:

1. Being the 504 coordinator which consist of: coordinating and monitoring the properties compliance section 504/ADA
2.  Receive, record and review the process for reasonable accommodations request.
3. Coordinate and monitor the HUD properties compliance with EIV by ensuring that staff has the necessary education regarding the Rules of Behavior and Certification of Cyber Awareness.
4. Reserve and organize the rooming for our Company Meeting.
5. Being an active volunteer with the Housing Conference.

Personal Interests

I’ve been married to my husband Terry for 9 years. I have a son and a daughter, two step sons and I am raising my 4 years old great nephew. My hobby is cross stitching but my passion is working on Mustangs. I love taking an old rusted Mustang and removing the metal and replacing it with new. It makes you feel really good to see something that once was in such bad shape turn into one of the best cars around.